Monday, January 7, 2008

The Salad

I am sitting with my family, we have ordered a takeout lunch. The waitress (a friend of mine) brings everyone their plate but mine is almost empty. Instead of a big salad, I find a few tiny pieces of lettuce and specks of other vegetables. I tell the waitress that this is unacceptable. I need a real salad.

The waitress goes back to the restaurant and is gone a long time. When she returns, the salad is exactly the same. I’m very angry now. My supposed friend seems both unconcerned and nervous. She says she’ll get me another salad. I decide I better go with her.

At the restaurant, I wait another long time. Again, I’m given the same ridiculous remains. Now I’m threatening the waitress. I had thought she was a friend but she seems incredibly apathetic. I demand to speak with the manager. The server points toward two very drunken men. I try to speak with them but they only laugh.

The injustice! Why won’t anyone help me get what I ordered? What kind of crazy restaurant is this? Why can’t I get any satisfaction?

Then suddenly I realize that I don’t have my purse with me. Where is it?????? Has someone taken it? I’m in a panic now. I don’t care about the stupid salad, I’m terrified that my purse and credit cards have been stolen. I search and search alone. I can’t ask for help, this is a hostile place.

At last, I see my purse on the floor. I grab it and search for my credit card. Rummaging through the mess, I finally find it.

I am grateful and know it is time to leave this place!

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