Friday, April 22, 2011

Be Kind to the Scaredy-Cat

Last night I dreamed of a skittish cat that I’m trying to calm.  A man near me begins to handle her roughly.  The cat is growling, almost barking with fear and anger.  I angrily tell the man to never do that again.
In my dream journal I write, “Who is the cat?”  Me?  Yes, I am skittish.  Especially when leading others in any heart-felt work.
Then I feel a jolt of remembrance—this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered the “scaredy-cat.”  Years ago, I worked with the archetype and recognized my own cat-like traits--positive and negative.  As a leader, I am acutely sensitive to the energies of a group and can adjust to their needs.  But too often, my hyper-alter state morphs into a paralyzing fear. 
Thank you Dream, for the reminder--to be kind to my internal scaredy-cat.  This isn’t an intellectual dream analysis but a deeply felt recollection.   I’m posting cat pictures and signs throughout the house and will gently cherish my inner cat today….
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