Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Are you haunted?

1.  Are you haunted?  Does a strange quest, question, compulsion follow you?    

These cards emerge from an unrelenting inner compulsion.  Finally, after months (years) of ignoring, arguing, avoiding, I will finally give up and write.  I can give an hour in the morning to this strange pull.  My critic rages that this is crap.  Yes, ok, perhaps.  But I make space for this obsession—to record lessons learned in my own dark woods.  These cards are like hunks of bread I’ve torn and smashed together in my hand, and then tossed to the ground.  Can I understand my long strange trip?  Can I create a path of meaning, if not for others, at least for myself? 

What idea pursues you?  It lurks beneath ipads, tv, and tweets.  It sits like a Loch Ness in your own deep waters.  Will you sit quiet and watch your waters and learn what stirs within? 

Are you called to some strange quest?  Is the work too large?  How can you hope to finish it in one (not even one) lifetime? 

Still.  Isn’t it time to start? 

Give in to the idea that haunts you and watch your stress recede. 

Write, paint, dream.  Walk, play, watch.  Where, how can you serve?   

What is more moral:  following your true nature or doing what others expect?

Cheating, lying (to myself or others)  is not moral.  But following my heart?  If it will not hurt another, I must follow my own path to discover my true gifts. 

I WILL make mistakes (that is the only way to learn).  But I will find my way. 

Deep in your heart, you know what you are being call to do.

Do it.   

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